OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturing

OEM supplements Supply Business is to design products according to our clients’ demand and supply them as their original products.
We manufacture custom-made products for our clients (minimum order quantity is 1,000 or more) and deliver them all at once. Our affiliated GMP and subcontract plants, we can produce a variety of forms such as tablets, hard and soft capsules, jelly, powder and drinks.
We suggest the most effective form of the products depending on the ingredient.

It takes 1.5 to 3 months for the production including designing and prototyping.
OEM supplements are manufactured according to Japanese law, we can not manufacture if violate it.

*Japanese and English is available for ingredient supply
*Japanese only for OEM business inquiry.
*We deliver to the designated port or warehouses in Japan. Another handling fee for customs documents will be charged if the order amount is less than our minimum order.