Functional food ingredients

We produce many functional food ingredients. However, limited ingredients are available for export. On the basis of a joint study with the medical school of Juntendo University, which our Chief Operating Officer, Ph.D. Yuji Kuriyama belongs to, our research and development have been continuously carried out.

Salmon Nasal Cartilage Extract powder[SCP Complex-LS]

US name: SCP=II
Salmon Unenatured typeII Collagen and Proteoglycan Complex – LS

SCP Complex-LS is a functional ingredient extracted from salmon nasal cartilage from Hokkaido. SCP Complex-LS contains undenatured type II collagen over 40% (Standardized) and undenatured Proteoglycan over 38% (Standardized), with the effectiveness for arthritis by the mechanism of immune tolerance. Now the market size of SCP Complex-LS is growing in the world.
Proteoglycan is the ingredient of Japanese origin studied at famous universities. We supply Proteoglycan specialized in the undenatured type (Molecular weight: 900 – 1400 kDa).
We are primary dsitributer of Linise Co., Ltd. We sell, reserch and develop the ingredient with Linise Co., Ltd. We are an appointed exporter for oversea sales.
*Our partner distributer is in the U.S.A. We will introduce if you interested in SCP Complex-LS.

○A paper on the human clinical trial for the knee arthritis is available (Japanese writing only) : 50mg/day as SCP Complex-LS (Study1) and 5mg/day as Proteoglycan (Study3)
○Recommended dose : 25-50mg daily
○Packing size: 5 or 10 kgs carton(1kg X 10 alminium bags)
○Appropriate dosage form : tablets, hard capsules
○Download: Specification, Introduction and Studies (by Sole agent for North America Area: Guzen Development))

[Red wine extract R5]

Fermented French grape extract containing Resveratrol 5%

Red wine extract R5 is a functional ingredient extracted by a unique method from red wine made in southern France. Red wine extract R5 contains Resveratrol over 5%(Standardized) and Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin over 40%(Standardized). We retain efficacy data on reducing hardening of the arteries. Red wine extract R5 is believed to be responsible for the French paradox effect.
*unavailable for export to U.S.A

○A paper on the human clinical trial for the treatment of the hardened arteries is available (Japanese writing only) : 400mg/day (Study2)
○Recommended dose : 50-600mg daily
○Packing size: 15kgs carton
○Appropriate dosage form : tablets, hard and soft capsules, jelly and liquid.
○Download: Specification

Pueraria lobata Fros extract powder [Bikakka 80]

Wild Pueraria Isoflavones 50% (Main isoflavone: Kakkalide)

Bikakka 80 is a functional ingredient made of Fros of Pueraria lobate. Fros of Pueraria lobata is well known as tea decomposes alcohol.
Bikakka 80 contains isoflavone (mainly Kakkalide) and saponin from Fros of Pueraria lobata. Demand for Bikakka 80 is growing in China and Taiwan.

○Appropriate dosage form : tablets, hard and soft capsules, jelly and liquid.
○Recommended dose : 40-80mg daily
○Packing size: 1kg alminium bag or 25kg fiber drum
○Download: Specification

Chinese Wild Yam extract powder[Diopower 15]

Chinese Wild Yam extract Diosgenin 15% manufactured by Japanese Patented method

Diopower 15 is functional ingredient containing Diosgenin extracted from Chinese wild yam (Dioscorea opposita) by a unique extraction method used acid and column. The active ingredient, Diosgenin is one of steroid sapogenin and one of pre-sexhormone. One of famous sexhormone, DAEA is manufactured from Diosgenin sourced wild yams..

Diosgenin is analeptic content of traditional wild yam medicine (Kanpo name: Sanyaku). Diosgenin is actively studied by many universities now. For example, there is a human clinical study of Diosgenin showed the improvement effect of cognitive function.

○Appropriate dosage form : tablets, hard and soft capsules, and jelly
○Recommended dose : 167-333mg daily for Anti Aging, 50mg daily for Dementia (Cognitive Function)
○Packing size: 25kg fiber drum
○Download: Specification
○Clinical trial using Diopowder 15 in Toyama University: Diosgenin-Rich Yam Extract Enhances Cognitive Function A Placebo-Controlled, Randomized, Double-Blind, Crossover Study of Healthy Adults

* Japanese and English is available for ingredient supply.
* We are not liable for import custom clearance due to laws of each country. We recommend having a consultation at your quarantine station.

Organic Plant Ferritin-Iron[SloIron]

Soybean extract Ferritin-Iron 12% manufactured by Patented method

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